What Company Owns CORSAIR?

CORSAIR, best known as the PC and gaming hardware company, began in 1994 in a small garage. Over two decades later, CORSAIR has grown to become one of the most recognizable names in the computer industry and an essential brand for many gamers and PC enthusiasts worldwide. But who owns CORSAIR? This article will explore who owns CORSAIR and what the company does now.

CORSAIR is a company that you may not know too much about, and if you do, it’s probably because you’re a computer gamer. This American technology company has been in business since 1994, providing high-end computers and peripherals for video gamers who want the best of the best.

A well-known manufacturer of PC gaming components and peripherals is CORSAIR, but who owns the company? The company manufactures RAMs, gaming keyboards, gaming mice, gaming headsets, and more. Founded in 1994 by Andy Paul and Ted Wait, the company has quickly grown to become one of the largest of its kind in the market today. So who owns CORSAIR? Read on to find out!

What Company Owns CORSAIR? Find Out Now!

CORSAIR is one of the most recognizable names in computer hardware, providing high-quality components to both PC gamers and enthusiasts. But who owns CORSAIR? Knowing the parent company’s name can give you some valuable insight into the potential performance of CORSAIR’s products, especially if you compare it with other companies in the same industry. But don’t believe everything they say! Using this article, you can discover who owns CORSAIR.

CORSAIR has been around since 1994 and manufactures memory products, power supply units, cooling solutions, and gaming peripherals under the CORSAIR, Corsair Gaming, Vengeance, Hydro Series, Obsidian Series, and Carbide Series brands. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the company that owns CORSAIR so that you can make an educated purchasing decision in the future!

CORSAIR has been one of the leading gaming computer companies in the world since it was founded in 1994, but most people don’t realize that CORSAIR doesn’t actually own CORSAIR. It makes sense to think that a company owns itself, but sometimes it can be an unexpected company that owns another company, such as Dell owning Alienware, or Microsoft owning Mojang (Minecraft). So what company owns CORSAIR? Check out our article to find out!

How Much Does Corsair Cost?

Corsair is a computer hardware and software company that manufactures desktops, laptops, memory, and peripherals. Corsair was founded by Andy Paul and David Yang in 1994. The first product they created was the highly popular Corsair Memory, followed by the Corsair Power Supply. Since then they have branched out into manufacturing of their own line of gaming peripherals such as gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, and mouse pads.

Who Is The Owner Of Corsair?

Corsair is a US-based company that specializes in PC components and peripherals. The company was founded by Andy Paul and Jim Murphy in 1994. The company has since been acquired by the Taiwanese multi-national computer hardware and electronics company, Corsair Memory Inc., which operates as a subsidiary of AsusTek Computer Inc.

Are There Any Public Companies Similar To Corsair

Corsair is a privately held company, which means it has no public stocks. However, there are a few companies that produce some of the same products as Corsair and could be considered competitors. One such competitor is EVGA Corporation. EVGA produces graphics cards, power supplies, motherboards, and other computer components.

How Many Employees Does Corsair Have?

Corsair has over 1,500 employees and is headquartered in Fremont, California. Asia, Europe, and North America are all home to their offices. Corsair operates as a subsidiary of PC maker Dell Technologies. The company was started by entrepreneurs Jim Goodnight and David Morse in the 1980s. It was originally known for producing memory modules but then expanded to make SSD storage devices, gaming peripherals such as keyboards and mice, graphics cards for PCs (including high-end workstation models), high-end speakers, headphones, and headsets for gamers.

Who are its competitors of Corsair?

CORSAIR is a gaming hardware and peripherals company headquartered in Fremont, California. It was founded in 1994 by Andy Paul and David Yang with an initial investment of $500 from the two founders. Their first product was a memory module for the video game console Nintendo 64. Today, their most popular products are computer memory modules and power supplies. Other products include PC cases and cooling systems such as coolers, liquid cooling units, and fans.


CORSAIR is a company that makes computer hardware and peripherals. The company produces some of the most popular PC gaming keyboards, mice, power supplies, and memory. Ted Waitt and Andy Paul founded the company in 1994. Originally located in Silicon Valley, California, it has since relocated to Fremont, California. Originally named Corsair Components Inc., the name was changed to CORSAIR Components when it merged with another company called Cirrus Logic (also known as CRU).